Custom Brick and Supply Company offers the best service and value to customers. Our employees have the most industry experience and are friendly and anxious to solve your needs. Drawing on extensive experience, we are able to advise you on the best products or system for your project. We want you to have terrific experience and leave with feeling of satisfaction.

Since 1961, we have offered a large range of products from premier manufacturers. We have brick, block, sand, mortar, manufactured stone, natural stone, flagging, Arriscraft units, cast stone, accessories, tools, cleaning products, etc. We have an outside sales staff of 11 and inside support group of 7 people. We utilize a fleet of approx. 7 trucks to deliver materials to your job site direct.

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We have the most diverse selections of all masonry products. Our sales team will come see you to develop the best solution to design your wall. We have experience with regular masonry veneer, rainscreen systems, thin applications with brick and stone, paving possibilities, renovation work, matching, etc. Our showroom is the largest in North Carolina and conveniently located in downtown Raleigh, and you are welcome to come use it as you wish anytime (or send your client).


Our team is available on site or in the showroom for your needs. We have strategically sourced materials since 1961; many of our materials create unique value and distinguish your building style. Value….we ship materials direct and utilize our buying power for all price levels, plus we offer one-stop shopping for many things, not just one.


Custom Brick and Supply Co. develops a relationships with our masonry contractors that last a career. You are the most important component to deliver the appearance and integrity for our products. Our sales staff will meet whenever and wherever is needed, and respond to any requests such as pricing, take-off assistance, delivery, and even the occasional miss-step!


We are proud to represent the best manufacturers and offer the largest selection of masonry products. The best part is we have them appropriately displayed for you in our downtown Raleigh showroom. Our products range from brick to stone, block, Arriscraft, cast stone, natural stone, manufactured stone, pavers, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, cleaning products, etc. These products can be used in applications needing a new appearance or old.


Our showroom and staff are here to service your needs. We are happy for you to use the showroom with your clients anytime. Our customer service staff can assist, or let you work uninterrupted. You will find our showroom large and organized, clean, and technologically fit for many uses. It is here for you to use.