Custom Brick and Supply Co. offers accessories to complete construction of a masonry wall. We carry all types of masonry sand and mortar. On our yard, we offer masonry tools and cleaning products. Lastly, we work with all types of concrete block sizes and textures.


• Lintels
• Wall ties
• Rebar
• Truss wire
• Ladder wire

• Mortar netting
• Weeps
• Flashing
• J-channel
• Metal lathe


• Regular masonry sand
• Goldsboro buff type
• White sand


Custom Brick and Supply represents some of the largest mortar companies in the world. We have an extensive line of colored mortar to accompany regular grey. We also have mortar silo capabilities.


Concrete block have been used to support our structure for over 100 years. In addition to regular grey concrete blocks, polished block have been developed for veneer applications. We offer many polished, ground-faced, and split-faced block options.


Please see our showroom display for our masonry tool lineup. We have trowels, striking joints, levels, tape measures, saw blades and other options.


What product you choose to clean your masonry project will have a lasting impact on your building. Custom Brick and Supply Co. carries all types of cleaners. Some are used for new construction and others for specialty cases such as efflorescence, lime run, or even vanadium staining.