Custom Brick & Supply Company has grown from our roots in the brick industry. We now represent many masonry products including stone. We are a master distributor of many manufactured and natural stone products. You will find we have a large selection and excellent pricing for any size project. We have furnished all types of jobs, from older houses to custom and even tract jobs, dentist offices to the largest multifamily projects in North Carolina. Give us a call or come see our showroom.


Manufactured stone has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. Many companies have built new facilities perfecting this process. They are now very successful at giving manufactured stone the same appearance as real stone and with lower costs.

The manufactured stone process involves making stone from forms that are cast from real stones. The product is made from cement, aggregate, sand, water and coloring additives. Once in molds, the units are cured at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the units are colored on the outside for a lasting range. Some companies even use hand-painting in their process.

Manufactured stone is lightweight and easy to install as a thin veneer. Installers use metal lathe and scratch coat as a proven method. There are many polymer-based mortars now available that allow the installer to apply the stone directly to the substrate without metal lathe. Some of these systems even carry warranties for the owner. Please ask us for details.

Custom Brick and Supply Co. represents the premier stone manufacturers in the U.S. We have access to most products on the market at competitive prices. We stock many of these styles on our yard in downtown Raleigh along with the needed accessories and cleaning products.


Natural stone is as old a product for building as clay brick. From historical residential projects to modern cut-stone design ideas, we can fulfill all your needs. Our stone sourcing includes North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and others. We carry fieldstone, flagstone, cut stone, ashlar patters, thin stone, etc. Many of our selections are stocked on our yard.


Representing Arriscraft gives Custom Brick and Supply Co. access to calcium silicate units, true limestone, and cementation bases cast stone. These products are available in thin units as well. Arriscrafts Renaissance line is a calcium silicate product made to replicate limestone. These products are made with the same process as mother nature, only quicker. Several product advantages include high strength, durability, no shrinkage like cement products, and diverse color ability. These units are made in two plants, Georgia, U.S, and Ontario, Canada.

Arriscraft mines true limestone at their Ontario facility. The limestone can have a blue/grey appearance or a cooler color called Sepia. There are many options for texture and splitting capability to reveal the body of the stone. These quarried products give a natural look to be used in many applications.

Around 2010, Arriscraft began to offer cast stone. Cast stone is formed in a dry-tamp process with coloring added. There are several sizes and texture to choose. These products are available in stretchers and custom pieces.

Lastly, Arriscraft has building stone offerings that look and feel like field stone or even quarried, cut stone. This line is cementitious based and uses a variety of molds and coloring. There are many styles and colors we can furnish.